Pipe bending machine Levitate 135


The bending machine covered by an international patent that combines high performances with a saving of more than $ 110.000 per year! With Levitate 135 you bends, shapes and cuts starting from coil, tubes with mandrel having diameters from 16 to 35 mm and 6 to 35 mm without mandrel

Technical technical characteristics:

  • Processable diameters with mandrel: from 16 mm up to 35 mm (revolutionary Levitate system)
  • Processable diameters without mandrel: from 6 mm up to 35 mm
  • With diameters from 16 mm up to 35 mm you can bend the tube with center line radious (CLR) even lower than 1,5 times the diameter
  • You can have an automatic double radious bending system
  • Electric type axis “Z” with maximum angle of bending plane of 360°
  • Electric type axis “Y” with maximum bending angle of 188°
  • Electric type  axis “X” with a controlled linear actuator
  • Length of bending arm 1100 mm
  • Vertical and horizontal straightening rollers with calibration rollers at the entrance
  • Electric hoist to facilitate the remplacement of the magnetic group
  • Integrated rack for magnetic groups storage
  • Blade cutting group placed after the bending group with outside space position and programmable unloading of the piece
  • A precutting orbital system can be integrated before the bending group
  • Windows 7 OS
  • Interface with a 17” touchscreen
  • An end-forming machine can be integrated in line
  • Robot or other SIMAT machines can be integrated to have a complete automation

With our patented machine you can bend tubes with diameter up to 35 mm directly from coil with mandrel, with a center line radious (CLR) lower than 1,5 times the diameter, for instance yopu can bend a 22 mm diameter tube with a CLR of 28 mm.

With Levitate is possible to bend and cut tubes with a unique and cheap productive cycle, and you have labor savings and no scraps.



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Open House Simat 2014

Summer 2014: Simat organizes an Open House to present the bending machine Levitate.



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